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Hey Nate! I know we haven’t talked in years, but I remember you telling me a long time ago about some of your struggles around your origin story/adoption, and I couldn’t help but think of you when I read this essay: 

Anyway, I hope you are well. <3 

Hi! I’m pretty good. How are you?

yeah yeah same, pretty much. 

Trying to fatrying to figure out how to balance the deeply immobilizing gravity of the whole shit show without being, you know, immobilized by it


although i did take a shower today, so, you know, baby steps

so what are you up to these days? I feel like I should know because social media, but i don’t actually, and the mystery is exciting

the family is good. going to visit my parents tomorrow. excited to see them. how is your family?

whoa. the pho!

that must have been like… a thing to deal with.omg so weird to think that you had to deal with that

hahaha oh my god 

i’m so sorry

nate erickson 


damn. well, keeps you on your toes I guess

hmm interesting. interyeah absolutely

working as a full-time artist, part of my practice is really about social engagement and community outreachyeah, i don’t know. i’m doing art full time, which is pretty great, if financially questionable. a large part of my practice is socially engaged, so that’s nice, but i do wonder about the reality/importance of making objects at a time like right now right now

that’s something i’ve been thinking about really intensely for the past few months anyway, but now it feels immediate rather than abstract

i got recruited by a few mfa programs last year, so i’ve been it’s jus tand then there are a lot of artists doing social practice work, but they tend to be parachute projects that hop in and out of communities and are equally about self-aggrandizing and exploitation of vulnerable communities as they are about actually helping

so i definitely don’t want to do that or contribute to that neo-colonialist mindset. i don’t know — thinking about going to india for awhile, but also don’t want to run away? was seriously considering mfa this year, but now that feels so dumb

oh yeahyeah

it’s so true — everything is political, everything is tied to this larger institutional structures of powe

how do you bring your audience to that conversationthat’s real

meatless monday night football



like forever?

hah. that’s kinda condescending to those places though, right?

i don’t know, dude. i’m not really comfortable with that kind of simplification and exotification of exotification

non eurocentric cultures, but yeah, i get what you mean

yeah, but there’s an alternative to that american dream that’s happening here, right? i don’t know anyone who wants the white picket fence anymore. and i think we can still have that future that we want to create without running away. or at least try really hard to create it

i mean, who the fuck knows

it seems hopeless as fuck. but there has to be a way to mobilize

we’re too smart to just leave and let this place rot. for one, our it absolutely is, but it’s happening — being in barbados doesn’t make it go away. i think there yeah, it’s definitely alarming. i don’t know. i have to believe there’s something that can be done

if not on a national level, then at least we owe it to our communities to dig deeper and try harder on a local level

i know that’s something i can do, and maybe it’s moving deck chairs, but if that’s what i can do, i guess that’s all i can do

i neveryeah, i think that’s super understandable

i just started reading a book called depression: a public feeling. i’m recommending it to basically everyone i know

it’s talking about how to reclaim depression into a political n actionable,feeling 

that can be used in mobilizatin

it’s been helping me

in the name


(that’s a little excerpt from it that i particularly liked)

me neither. I mean, I believe Obama is a deeply inquisitive, goodhearted person, and if he exp self-cif he’s staying silent on DAPL, I feel like there’s nothing about politics I understand so late in his final term

ANd I find that comforting in a wayyeah

all those dudes were just fading away and dying, and now they’re back?

haha — fingers crossed

i wismeatless monday night foo

hmm. top three, for sure

nvm top five. 

yeah, i don’t know if leadership will do muchrepublican to go against the sitting presipresident from their own party— i don’t know

it’s crazy

yeah. fucking biden. he was supposahhhhl sgl

for real. well, it’s been really well. it’s been superoh god. i need to go smoke myself to oblivion reali don’t understand any of it

there’s so much shit we don’t know

it’s crazy

well, i gotta go pack for my morning flight — stay sane

or try

i’m glad you’re let me know where you too, nate

for sure. take care

Hey Carrie!

I’m leaving town (flying to my parents’) this week, but my partner, Logan, will be home. He’s available after 1pm tomorrow, after 4pm on Tuesday, and after 12pm on Wednesday. 

Would any of those times work for you?





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From @Tracy Rec

, who is on the ground at Standing Rock.


This is a part of President Obama’s legacy. Although critiques of President Obama might seem frivalousin the face of a Trump presidency, this is a human rights violation happening on US soil under his watch, and it will be added to a long string of human rights violations gross that are a part of his legacy. This is an emergency. Call your representatives. Pull your money out of the banks that are behind the pipeline. 

Before you share another article about Trump, stop and think about who that ultimately benefits from the mainstream news that had a huge hand in getting him to the White House . Share news from Standing Rock instead.a very reliable source, right nowFrom @Tracy Rec

, a highly reliable source who is on the ground at Standing Rock right now.

It may seem frivalous to critique President Obama in the face of a Trump presidency, but this is a gross human rights violation, happening on sovereign Native lands in the United States under his watch. It is on a long list of violations that have happened under the guidancealready tarnish his legacy, but this close to the end of his presidency, with so much of the country facing the uncertainty of a Trump future, I wonder what President Obama has to lose at this point — why not stand with the IWater Protectors now?

Before you share another article about Trump from a mainstream media sotherces that had a huge hand in getting him to the White House, stop and think about who the decemination of that disseminisseminationarticle ultimately benefits, and what it is meant to be distracting you from.

Mobilize. StaStay alert. Keep talking about Standing Rock. Keep giving money (as much or as little as you can) to the Water Protectors. Pull your money from the banks who are behind DAPL. 

Do not stay silent. Do not let Trump derail this before he even steps foot in office. Be vigilant. I have to believe there’s something we can do.Call your representatives. Naive or not, 

WITNESSSharing this article and news from ( is

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