Okay. So I haven't updated this news section since June, and now I'm going to go through and write a bunch of posts about past events as if the events haven't happened yet, but I'm feeling exhausted just thinking about all the posts I have to write, so I'm just gonna post this screenshot of a list I'm keeping of events I have to write about at some point.

Okay, cool, that will have to do for now.

Does anyone even read this section?

Seattle Art Museum: My Favorite Things Tour

As the Kehinde Wiley exhibit nears its close, I was asked by the good people at the Seattle Art Museum to lead a My Favorite Things tour through the exhibit.

It will be on Friday, April 22 at noon and will last about half an hour. Come see my favorite pieces and listen to me talk about the ways that Wiley's work has impacted my life and work. 

Spoiler alert: I'll be talking about race a whole damn lot.

To see a more thorough description of the event, and to buy tickets, go here!

Aaina at the Seattle Asian Art Museum

This weekend, I was able to teach a free, hourlong workshop as a part of the Women's Focus Festival, Aaina, which is organized by Tasveer, a South Asian nonprofit operating out of Seattle.

We had about 25 participants in the workshop, which was an exercise in creating paper rangolis. Such a powerful experience to be invited into a space with so many powerful South Asian women who are pushing the boundaries of what is expecting from us. Seriously an honor.