Satpreet Kahlon is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist who is currently based in Seattle, WA. With a background in education and art, Satpreet is interested in serving as an advocate for positive social change within her community. She does this by focusing on community-based art projects that promote the collection and preservation of the narratives of marginalized communities within the United States. By placing these narratives within gallery contexts, Satpreet hopes to imbue them with the value and reverence that is generally reserved for the white experience.

Satpreet moved to Seattle in 2014, and has exhibited extensively since then, most recently with a solo exhibition at METHOD Gallery, as well as at Out of Sight, satellite programming for the Seattle Art Fair. She has also been the recipient of many awards and distinctions, including being selected as the 2016 ArtBridge Fellow at Pratt Fine Arts Center, and has received grants from 4Culture, the Office of Arts and Culture, and Artist Trust.

Satpreet maintains a full-time studio practice and runs youth programming in south Seattle in partnership with the Seattle Art Museum.

Artist Statement

My work explores the inherent tension between two discordant systems that are forced to reside within the same space and context. By using domestic craft materials that evoke body, hair, and earth, and combining them with rudimentary industrial materials, I hope to elude to a sense of non-belonging and discomfort, the same emotions that are inherent in my existence as a first-generation woman of color living in the United States. My experience forces me to find and create intersections in two cultures that sit in opposition with one another. It is in these created intersections that a third culture, a nearly invisible and misunderstood culture — my culture — exists.

 As a reflection of this experience, the objects that I create serve as relics of a third system that is created at the meeting of industry and domesticity. Outwardly, they are objects that seem to serve no decipherable function, and yet their material language indicates a sense of purpose and industry for a system that the viewer may not have a point of reference to understand or know, but a system that continues to exist regardless.

Side Hustle

Commercial art: