Artist Statement

My work is about exploring accumulation, the precarity of physical and social boundaries, and translation. Whether through many small found pieces of wood bound together or through small actions that create or subvert inequitable power structures, my practice involves investigating and disrupting overarching systems through the examination of intimate moments between artist, object, and viewer. 

This results in two visually disparate but conceptually aligned bodies of work: one body of work is text based, performative, and overtly political. The other body of work is composed mainly of site- and time-specific installations that abstract meaning and use video as a form of narrative-making. The latter works are made political largely by the fact that my body and skin, and therefore my experiences, are inherently politicized. 

Both bodies of work investigate and interrogate the boundaries that dictate the lived experiences of marginalized communities. 

The first does this by taking easily recognizable eurocentric, hegemonic, and capitalist tropes, and through the use of subversive text, creates situations of humor and discomfort to unsettle ideas of what is "ordinary" and why. 

The second does it through the co-opting of materials such as wood and metal, and using them to create precarious structures, walls, and boundaries that are sites of quiet resistance, retreat, and memorialization. 

Both bodies of work stubbornly claim space, confront their own complicity in the systems they critique, and ask the question: “is it possible to create unbroken work within a broken system?”