Fulfilling and creating in a loop (as a relic) | Nov 2017

3-channel video, found wood, bricks, deconstructed and reconstructed bleached t-shirts, seamstress pins


part of Production Valued, a solo show at 4Culture Gallery, Seattle, WA : more details here

Labor as necessity/Labor as Performance | Nov 2017

2 channel video

5:00, looped (this is a 30 second clip)

my mother mopping her kitchen floor on her hands and knees, something that she does on a weekly basis | me mopping my kitchen floor on my hands and knees, something I did just for this video and will probably never do again

Assessing the differences between labor as social capital performance in art world settings vs a necessity for survival/quality of life and my own complicity in this system


Contending with the insufficiency of memorial (while trying for meaning regardless) | Nov 2017

Handmade silk replicas of mass produced shirts, found wood, construction materials



hoping for shelter | May 2018

Repurposed wood, fiber, thread, childhood memorabilia, 2 channel video


A haphazard, fortlike structure that I was able to sit and make drawings in. One video was projected from the inside of the piece onto fabric (me smiling for 45 min, looped), playing with idea of literal projection onto racialized bodies.


artist statement written in graphite for the show Against the Archive | January 2019

Shown at Sarah Doyle Gallery @ Brown University, Providence, RI

The writing can be seen below and more details of the show can be found here

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 5.55.15 PM.png


willing ourselves into the archive | Dec 2018

continuously running scanner, glitched laptop, stool, wood, tracing paper, time


continuously running scanner with text in clear vinyl on the bed: "In this moment, i, too, did live", glitched laptop, stool, wood, tracing paper, time

The scanner runs continuously over the course of the show, recording the light and movement in the space. As the scanner works, the weight of the scanner bar causes the stool that the scanner sits on to shift slightly, causing a glitch in the scanned image - is this glitch an opening for the marginalized to enter the archive?

Video documentation of above piece


failed transmissions to the past | Dec 2018

Found wood, charcoal, thread, one channel video  


Two figures face each other. In one, wrapped in a foil bubble wrap is a video of a hand in a car after nightfall, the hand briefly visible in passing street lights, like a beacon. In the other, the foil

that once perhaps held a device is empty.


Detail of failed transmissions to the past, as well as the small video that was embedded into the smaller figure and played on loop


tell my children they are supposed to be free by now | Dec 2018

found wood, pipe cleaners, soil, headphones, cushions stuffed with a fertilizer that leaves a mark after each person sits on it, projected video (14:10 in length, on loop)


The full 14min video from tell my children they are supposed to be free by now

1 minute and 30 second excerpt of video can be watched here


not attempting translation | jan 2018

fiber, found wood, childhood objects, two channel projected video, audio of my father talking


a work exploring relationship between bodily memory + cultural memory, and playing with the outward facing part of a work and an inaccessible backside of a work the beginning of my

exploration with combining video work with sculptural objects