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work table install wall

fold up table


diy norbo wall-mounted table




bjursta hack


folding table

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Back in Seattle

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Cafe cheeky w/ Marisa



Happy brithday, Kamla!


Hi Karina!

Thank you for your kind words and your contribution to the project! :)


Satpreet me@satpreet dr.spatula@gmail.com 3232 22nd Ave W, Unit A 98199 Yale new




rhode islanddesignrho

commomwealth vir



los angeles





columbia mfa visual arts

fully funded grad cafe mfa

ill ill


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Hey Libby (and Binky)!

libby gerber


libby gerber !

Oh my gosh, hI think about you every once in awhile, so it’s so great to reconnect and to see that you are making work and continuing your practice !

I would love to come check out the space. maps

wisteria studio wisteria studios


cheeky ! I will actually be in CD meeting with someone at 1 having coffee with someone at 1. If you are available around 2:30 or 3, that would be awesome! Otherwise we can figure out a different time!

Hope you have been well!

Satpreet 150 sq ft


That sounds good!

And my number is 517.898.8135!

See you soon! ca

Meet with Libby @ Wisteria Studios45


I voted not for Hilary to win, but for Trump to loseMy vote for Hilary waJust VotedDropped off my ballot last night. And my vote for Hilary was not a vote for Hilary to win. It was a vote for Trump to lose. It was a vote for his supporters, his die hards, his bigoted, racist, hateful, ignorant following to lose. For their pride to be wounded, for them to be reminded, that no matter how loudly they scream for hate, love will scream louder. 


It was a vote against oppression, against racism, against misogyny. t was a vote for Trump and his supporters, mostly men who can’t begin to acknowledge a world in which they are not always right, to be reminded that, in this case, they were very wrong. For them to have to pull their Trump signs out of their yards, roll up their Trump shirts, crumple up their Trump shirts, scratch off their Trump stickers, or else continue to wear them all — looking increasingly like exactly what they are: people who cannot accept facts, accept a changing world that does not roll over for them, and who cannot ever admit to a mistake.

I am not delusional: I know that the men who support Trump aren’t very cis whitedifferent from the ones who support Hilary, who run our government, our companies, —our cities, our neighborhoods, and our households. But when choosing between poison that will kill me and poison that will hurt me, I will always choose the latter.

; iI voted for Hilary because I am petty, and not because I am optimistic or hopeful, but because I am angry and I am petty. I want those assholes to lose, and I want them to lose hard. I want them to have to retreat into their homes, muttering under their breaths, feeling betrayed and knowing that the general public does not agree, validate, or condone their behavior. I want them to have to do something which, for them, is radical: Concede. concede.

We have given too much to a country who shows too little regard for our humanity, and I A vote for Hilary is not a radical decision; it is not one that aligns with all of my pthere were no warm fuzzies as that ballot dropped into its slot with the slightest of noises. , nor is it one that inspires meBut this is bigger than my feelings and bigger than my heart. As I filled in the circle next to her name, I kept my eyes on “donald trump ballot

Donald Trump” written below it, and I let myself feel angry. Because when choosing between poison that will kill me and poison that will hurt me, I will always choose the latter.

I let myself feel all the rage that this man has made me feel. And I focused on that.Hilary is a moderate. Maybe she is more than a little bit of a Republican. She is definitely operating from within a broken and oppressive system. Voting for her isn’t empowering; voting against Trump is.

I voted for Hilary. And I am proud. Because my voice does not end there. I will continue to be radical, progressive, loud, and angry on a local level. I will continue to push any organization that gives me a seat at the table, and let the ones who don’t know that I am still listeninAnd mstopI will find small channels continue to find small channels where I can create real and tangible change, and I will put my energy towards those causes. 

A vote for President is ultimately just a vote. It is not where our work ends. It is where our work begins. That is where my heart, my passion, and my people are. Not in a cornerless office in a house built by slaves in a city whose race based income disparity is the epitome of what is wrong with this country.let’s the whole world know exactly who is protected under our constitution.valued under the eyes of our government.I voted for Hilary. More importantly, I voted against Trump. And I hope that you will do the same, the circle next to his name untouche in the past yeard All of the daily oppression, hatred, dehumanizationand that he represents. , but it doesn’t have to be Becausewith my ballot 

;iempathy “This whole comment is so problematic. If I had the energy to begin to educate, I would, but I don’t, so I won’t. I hope you do a lot of reading, research, and soul-searching if you are thinking about headidefinition poison



Yeah it was a hard decision, and then I just honed in on how much I hate everything that Trump It was a hard decision. But it felt so good to fill it in while staring down his name. I don’t have any power over him or the people like him who determine so much of my life — but for a second, it felt like I did.gulla gull











thx for identifying yourself so clearly to everyone

Thank you! :)

debra Happy anniversaryholding-publicly-elected-office-, Deb. Now you’re a mom, too. You just keep adding qualifications to that resume, boo. :) Love you.Thank you Kellie. And thank you for sharing the post, although I see it’s since been deleted, so I’m guessing you were getting harassed for it?


You even gave such a nice non-partisan preface to the post, too! Oh well. You tried.


wisteria stunion 1wisteria2118 


11 a




Hey! Thanks for reaching out! Ima check my calendar, and I will text you tomorrow! :)

ng to Standing Rock.

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maris Whoa. All the people! Congrats, @Matthew offen


matthew off

offenbacher to max cle

katy lester

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She is currently based in Seattle, WA.

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Hi Pranita,

To be honest, I am still hesitant, but because I want to be of service to the South Asian community, I will be there on Tuesday.

Here is the bio that I generally use:



I saw that the arts weren’t mentioned on the facebook event, so if you could add visual art to the list of fields that are going to be represented, that would be great! 

Thank you,


And please let me know if I should prepare anything! f

@Ka’iYes! Contacting you wit Artist Donation HI Osiris!

I saw your post in SPoCS, and I would love to donate a piece to the auction small. You can see my work here: satpreetkahlon.com or here mymorninggarden.com

I also think artists Asia Tail, Ka’ila Ferrel-Smith kaarr el , raven have a list of other accomplished contemporary artists who might be interested in donating. Would you like me to reach out to them? Is there a specific kind of art/price point you are looking for?

My work usually sells for between $400-$6000, but I can make something small that is more accessible.

Let me know. This sounds like a wonderful event.



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susa Checking in Hi Susan!

I have been meaning to email you for awhile, but I figured you were busy settling in to Cranbrook, and I didn’t want to bother you.

But I’d love to hear how it’s going/how the students are/how you feel about the whole situation. 

Your show looks wonderful, and I wish I could be there! Glad you are finding time to make work while being an awesome addition to the Cranbrook faculty. teaching.

Updates on my end:

-Just got done with my first ever residency. It was a month long and felt revolutionary to focus on my work

-Continuing to focus on material language rather than literal language in my work

-Starting to question my reliance on making work that is very well-crafted, labor-intensive, and traditionally “beautiful” and if I am choosing these things because they are important to my message, or if they are things I fall back on because they come easily to me

I am going to be actually applying to MFA programs this year. Starting to research different places and get application materials together. Feeling overwhelmed/weary about affordable/ultimately excited.

I hope you are well! I think of you often!