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Hey Tracy!

I was just thinking about you today and wondering how the new gallery situation is going so far. 

Just got started in earnest on the Cyrene work today. Planning on doing my first firing this Saturday. I think we had initially planned for a deadline of around Dec 15th, but let me know. I will be leaving town for Christmas/a wedding on Dec 20th and won’t be back until the 29th, so if we want it done in December, it would have to be before that! :)


Holy shit, WITNESS Let me know what you’re thinking! 

Hope you are good! caln



I also wanted to say that I am potentially interested in creating a body of work for your commercial space, because I think it could be fun and refreshing and make us both some money, but as I run it over in my head, I have these concerns:

1) I would want to create the work under a pen name, because I wouldn’t want it to be a part of my fine art practice

2) Do you think things would sell?

3) I’m afraid to front all the money/time for the body of work that, if it doesn’t sell in your gallery, I don’t have any other plans for. This could be expensive, both on a labor and monetary aspect. Would you be interested in just buying it at a wholesale pricthe work and storing it until you can sell it? I don’t really knWhat do you think face

Tossing a smaller, more salmonyConcept: You, wearing a placid smile, surrounded by the chaos of Pike Market, throwing something, that upon closer inspection, is a smaller version of you, like a salmon, across the spectators and tourists , , slightly salmo to yet another you. Closer look at the photograph reveals that everyone in the image is you in some form or another, Tyler Perry style — think editorial Tyler Perry. 

Even closer inspection: EVERYONE in the photograph and every fish is some version of you in different clothes, hairstyles, body type — think romance, chaos, sex appeal, mass confusion.

arnold kemp HIs feeble thumbs up broke my heart to try to indicate a lack of ‘resistance’ while his physical and emotional self was most likely in sheer panic.

If you are interested, I would love to set something up!

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plant wateringwatering can



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editing wedding




molly Belated infoSorry I’m so late on this — finally re-entering the real world post-election. Hope you are having a good week. :)


A week before I was asked to be an Alice, I had a conversation with a friend where I said that The Alice was the only gallery that I felt that I could truly trust with showing my work. The Alice is the only gallery in Seattle where, perhapsa place that I can reliably go to feel challenged and engaged — even when I don’t like the work, I like the way it makes me think — and that’s at the root of what I love about art. Also, all the other Alices are super cool, so I’m hoping their cool vibes will rub off on me

; I want to contribute to that environment and continue the tradition of supporting artists who are making strange, thoughtful, and challenging works

omg. I teach at the Seattle Art Museum, I do freelance design work, I create fine art commissions for art consultants, I talk and teach small workshops, I occasionally photograph a wedding/do a portrait session, I buy and sell shit on Craigslist (when the mood striktake portraits, 

Because I’ve always trusted The Alice. Because it was the first place that I showed in Seattle, and the first place I could go at openings. Because in a world of sterile white boxes that made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin, The Alice was the first gallery in Seattle that I knew I could go to and get at least one hug.

I don’t know if I’m ready, but I Why now? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure if now is the right time, but I trust the other Alices to know that if they think now is the time, then it probably is the time. And why the fuck not now? Has there been a better and worst time to be creating community in the arts? Probably, but I didn’t , but I’m too busy lamenting about our current situation to think about context.

deeplthe bigger picture, so let’s just say, fervidly and assuredly: NO, there has not.

Authenticity, the promise of a challenge, the promise of a strange comfort, intentionality. I like things that are well done but not necessarily polished. I want to know that work is coming from a true place, a place of effort and skill, but I like work best when it feels raw, too, like indents in the palm of your handleft by your nails when you’re uncomfortable — precise, cathartic, yet painful.

I want to leave a gallery feeling that my brain has been stretched a bit, changed a little. I want to narrow my eyes and not feel sure and maybe feel stupid and sometimes feel smart.

I am tired of work that is too aware of itself, of its audience, and especially of the market. That’s too simplistic of an evaluation, but you know what I mean, right?Lots of little things, like everyone else, I’m sureand Little things that keep me guessing, keep my growing, and keep me paying my bills, most importantly,

omg. Everything. The other Alices are smarter than me, more eloquent than me, wear cooler clothes than me, and have way more experience and expertise than me. From Julia I will learn how to truly listen, and how to make artists feel like they have the space to explore and fail. From Molly, I will learn and how to find cool clothes in the street. From Molly, I will I hope Julia will teach me how to truly listen, and how to find cool clothes in the street. on the sidewalk. I hope Molly will teach me how to make artists feel completely unjudged, and unjudged

not judged, and also how to talk so quietly and passionately at the same time. I hope Surface will teach me how to make and maintain so many amazing connections basically make my brain into an art and community database, because holy cow, what a wizard. I hope Natalie will teach me basically how to be her, because she’s my current Alice crush, and I hope Emily will teach me how to be in a band, because, complex and de seriously impressive (this changes weekly)craigsli

Ceramic baby headI saw you at the Seattle Art Fair, not this year, but last year, when I was a Seattle art baby myself (now I’m a Seattle art pre-teen, I’m pretty sure), sitting in a neat row of small white shelves, with about 15 other baby heads, of various forms and surface treatments.

You were the coolest, with pursed lips and dripping blue glaze, and looking at your $500 price tag, I exclaimed, “I’m gonna buy it!” And then I thought of my $20/hr job and hesitated. “If it’s here tomorrow, I’m gonna buy it!” I said to my friends. I hadn’t spent more than $75 on art before, but dang. If any ceramic baby head could get me to eat cereal for a monthwas worth eating cereal and bananas for a month over, it was you.

slightly grotesque , your rough edges and pristine sheen. LI was in love. 

my student loans and the apartment I had just signed a lease for and

But a few hours later, when I wandered past your booth again, you were gone. Another baby head in your place, an imposter, a fake.the next day might have fooled other fair goers, but I knew it for what it was: an imposter and a fake.

I hope you’re happy, little baby head. ceramic Cause you were the coolest. And cool babies always deserve happiness.Seattle Art Fair 201598134seattle

Ceramic Ba Seattle ARt 98134 I tried to play it cool, but I could tell from the judging eyes of your baby head kin that I wasn’t hiding my devastation well.

I walked home, dejected, head hanging, but secretly relieved to still have $500 in my bank account. But I never did forget about you, little guy. And I think about you ofte,face





Thank you for posting this! :)






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ikea long desk top

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: 48x60 can


ARtAxis Haystack (Jac 31)

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Hi Tony,

I am still waiting for the paperwork that we had talked about on the phone on Sunday that would confirm that the gap insurance has been cancelled, and that my rate will be adjusted accordingly.

Hope you had a good weekend,

Satpreet craigslist

Thank you! 

(I attached the version of the cra ccidentally sent you the pre-proof read version of the Craigslist ad — the real one is attached)

hunter mfa scu

Also would likThank you, everyone!

I would also like to note that I am by no means sold on going to get my MFA yet (or ever). I just want to apply to a few schools and see what happens. :)

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I could do Wed!

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And I’m sorry for your loss, Tracy. Thinking about you. <3

spoc mymorninggarden


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hunter mfa

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Hunter MFA (Jan 15) 

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www.satprHi everyone!

First time posting, so I would like to start off by saying that I am so glad this group exists so that I can be in community with all of you, even in a distant sort of way.

I am posting because I am in the process of selecting a few MFA programs to apply to, and I am feeling overwhelmed by choices, and most of the people I am talking to in my Seattle community are not South Asian white-presenting, and I would like to get your opinions.

My main goal in getting an MFA is 

I am interested in programs that are able to offer a lot of funding, but also would provide me with a peer group that is very competent and serious about the work that they are doing. I went to a big state school for my undergrad due to finances, and I told myself that if I were ever to get an MFA, it would be at a more ‘prestigious’ school so that I my peer group would push me and challenge me. 

This will be my first year applying, but I was recruited by Cranbrook last yea — ultimately, they weren’t able to offer me a full-ride, and I felt that I needed more time to think about other schools was very engaged in my art community here in Seattle.

Right now, the programs that I am mainly looking at are: Yale, Hunter, UoC I am also interested in programs that push critical practices that aren’t necessarily based in traditional ‘makingand — I am I am not sold on getting my MFA, but would like to apply to about 5 schools.on the fence about Columbia, SAIC, Rutgers, UCLA, RISD, and VCU. 

I would love to hear any and all thoughts. You can see my work here: www.satpreetkahlon.c.ov, so I turned them down, but it got me thinking about my MFA, which is why I am applying this year.the idea of goingf


cole haan 


Satpreet Kahlon 3232 22nd Ave W Unit A Seattle wa98199 5178988135student discount website



Satpreet Kahlon dr.spatula@gmail.com dr.spatula@gmail.com Satpreet Kahlon 3232 22nd Ave W Unit A Seattle wa 981995178988135Satpreet Kahlon 14741 Coachman Dr Victorville ca 92394 5178988135Needed a waterproof, versatile boot for walking all around rainy Seattle! I have rainboots, but they aren’t the best for walking long distances or for light hikes — these should do the trick!high-quality, calen

tripatAhh no, that’s the one time I’m not free on Tuesday (doctor’s appointment). I can meet at any time before that, th, as long as we can be done by 1:30! ’

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3:30 sounds great!



4 will work!

See you then. ! Meeting with Liz (planned parenthood)


post acupuncture back

how does acu

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HOw are you??? How is New York? How is grad school? 

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insecure molly

hunter m

Okay, so I hadn’t really looked at Hunter, but I just checked it out and read about it, and it seems super interesting. I love the DIY aspect that everyone seems to talk about — what was funding like for you? I don’t want to pay more than Living in NY seems… grossly expenwhile in grad school and not having earned income seems like a guarantee… hellish. We can talk about this in person too, if that’s easieface


Here’s a W-9.

And I generally do 30% to start, 30% midway through, and 40% at the end. (when a significant deliverable deadline is met)Since the timeline for this project is shorter, we can also do 50 at the beginning and at the endw9


I’m pretty open. We could meet before first Thursday or really anytime. best mfa programs art





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katie@grandimage.com Fall2015






chelsea@grandimage.com Summer2015



cindy@grandimage.com Fall2014

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Cat + Steven less red

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email adobe cc log in


All the info should be in the C raigslist ad! :)

seatt sofa


This is SUCH a pieces thing for you to post



Susan’s potluck birthday!

lightroom exports red

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Sidenote: This might not be The image preview on dropbox is a lot more red than the actual jpeg, so I suggest downloading all of the images and then going through them to get the full squeal-worthy experience. :) s