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So… am I tcash app

dr.me@satpreet.net Satpreet Kahlon Satpreet Satpreet Kahlon 06061989ase

gursewak96 chase routing

3232 22nd Ave W Seattle WA 98199 Unit A 40114011120 the alice

the alice

The Alice CASH app

By CASH app, do you mean Square Cash? 

I am all set up to send the money, but I need the $cashtag faface

asia panelryan fedderson

isa benn


isa benn instagramkashmir loom

high blood spaceworks

Local Artists:

-Ryan Fedderson

-Anida Yoeu Ali

-Asia Tail

-afrose fatima ahmed (Poe (particularly this piece: )recreating something like 

for Project Diana?

-Isa Benn (doesn’t have a lot of work online, but I love this and would love to see something that has this narrative-like quality in the space: isa bennisabe

Here are some local artists I’d be interested in showing: (in PNW-

Non-local artists:

-Tara Booth ()




marisa manso

-Marisa Manso (nolan portalnd photograph-Nolan Calisch (he does projects that he calls ‘social sculpture’ that I find super interesting: 

I like the idea of picking artists and developing a theme around them.Right? Get two of them? And a handful of smaller cushions. A low coffee table? 

(This is clearly nixing the daybed idea, which I’m reconsidering)ca

Load kiln

Sitting at The Alice


Panel for Seattle Presents


Hey ElishLiz!

Here is my w9.

And a heads up: I’m allergic to gluten. 

Thank you! I’m so excited!



Drop off paperwork for smart ventures

Set up payment for Bolt Storage


hey lindsey,

i’m really sorry to read that Andrew is having such a hard time, and that you seem to be having a hard time, too.

first, no need to apologize for the lack of response to instagram. thank you for asking how i was. did Andrew end up coming home for thanksgiving? 

thanks for sharing that story. i hope it made Andrew feel a little bit better. god, depression is hard. I hope he gets the help he wants.

please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. Call/text/email/whatever whenever. please.

I love you. <3)))f

dr.sp THANKFUL30I’m down!Satpreet Kahlon me@satpreet.netHi Anida!

I just wanted to reach out and say that I love the work you are doing, I am sI am an artist and curator living in Seattle. We are actually in the High Blood show in Tacoma together, and o excited to have you in the PNW. 

If you’d be interested, I would love to meet up to get tea/lunch sometime. <3

In solidarity,


3232 22nd Ave WUnit Aface






puma carso







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columbia mfa 

me@satpreet.net Satpreet Kahlon jj 6 1989 inb

jj 6 198

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Columbia MFA (Jan 15)

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bir Satpreet 3232 22nd Ave W, Unit A Seattle wa 98199

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Yes! What time?