The Coalition of Docile and Agreeable Women of Color for the Continuation and Propagation of White Fragility

Get involved in the coalition by submitting text (email, texts, comments, etc) that were addressed to you from a white passing individual that range from microaggressive to blatantly racist. You can submit these either as text, or the preferred method is to send them as audio recordings, which will then be played in the gallery.

For text: Simple formatting is best, and if you do not feel comfortable with names being used, change them accordingly. For each different interaction, please submit a different form! Remember to limit this to text that has been directed at you, rather than something hateful you've seen directed to someone else on the internet. This project is about personal experiences.

Sample text: 

Apr 21, 2016, 12:58 AM, to: <>
Please don't jump to conclusions that anything is intentional because I am "white", I'm actually Italian and Swedish and my family went through what they went through to get here and create the life I get to live. 

We are all the same. We are human beings on a rock hurdling through space and we have different skin tones. I stand for you as a brown person. I fight for equality. 

Please do not misunderstand my communication and if you would like to have a "real" conversation about this I would love to. 

For audio: I am asking self-identified women of color to transcribe text into audio recordings that will then be played in the gallery setting. A simple way to do this is to make a recording on your phone using the headphones that came with your phone and an app called Voice Memos or Audio Recorder. Just go into a quiet room and, in an even, balanced, voice, recite the text. The idea is that the audio recordings will sound like dialogue that we, as women of color, have internalized and made a part of our narrative, so they should sound balanced and unemotional, which will serve as a contrast to how hateful and violent some of the text may be.

After recording the text, you can either email the file to me as an attachment at:, or you can email me a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox upload.

Sample audio: 

For more tips on how to record audio on your phone, please go to this page: How To Record Audio