Beginning, again

I am going to try to get better about documenting my process. Not because I believe that it is revolutionary or extraordinarily unique, but because my art is such a documentary process for me, it just seems natural.

The way I try to understand the world is by observing it, documenting its changes and developments, and writing about it. It just makes sense that, in order to understand my work and my process more, I would do the same thing.

So meta, amiright?

This is a small sample I created at some point within the last year, when I was first really exploring textile manipulation and natural dyeing. It says "Well, that's that" in mediocre embroidery on the top left, and something indistinguishable on the bottom left.

It's interesting. Despite moving to Seattle from Santa Barbara this past summer and starting a new job, and consequently having little time to work in my studio, I feel as though my thoughts have been developing furiously as they hibernate, tangling into one another and battling it out, so that when I finally do have the time to sit down and work, what comes out is a huge jump from what I created the last time I sat down in my studio.

So even though this piece is probably one of the last 50 things that I worked on (big or small) in my studio, it feels like I have come so far from where I was when I made it. I can see the beginnings of ideas that I enjoyed, latched on to, and developed, and others that I abandoned. It's the half-baked, silly version of something that is a little bit more resolved and a little bit less silly (hopefully). 

As exciting as that is, I am so, so looking forward to developing a more steady studio practice now that things have settled down for me. I'm so young and know so little -- there's so much growing to do!